Lena Nemik Illustration


My name is Lena Nemik.‭ ‬I love to tell stories in drawings and create cute monsters.‭ My drawings and characters‭ ‬are‭ ‬a bit freaky and hooligan,‭ ‬but‭ ‬I believe they are kind.‭


I enjoy working with traditional and digital media.‭ ‬I focus on the children's books illustrations, create my own books and illustrate stories written by other authors.‭ ‬And I am really in love with it‭!

I have been working with a variety of publishing houses,‭ ‬media projects and non-commercial initiatives since‭ ‬2009. ‬To name a few, I made comics and illustrations for the 34 multimedia magazine and the Green Network ecological organization, created book covers and illustrations for the Oxford University Press Spain, Vremya, RTP publishing houses,  I also have been responsible for brand design for the Coffret of Children Books children store.

I have‭ ‬authored and illustrated two books, “A Giraffe's Day” and “A Giraffe's Birthday”. They were published at the Saint-Petersburg-based Rech publishing house.


In my creativity‭ ‬I was influenced by Tove Jansson with her Moomin's world and amazing characters of Hayao Miyazaki.‭ ‬I'm a big fan of Harry Potter universe‭ ‬and find a lot of inspiration in

it.‭ Also‭ ‬I look for creative ideas in good animation,‭ ‬beautiful books

and wonderful people around.

I am always looking for interesting projects and amazing books

to illustrate. If you have some interesting proposals, please contact me directly or through illustration agency Advocate Art that represents me on the UK territory.


 You can also find me here: