Lena Nemik Illustration


My name is Lena Nemik.‭ ‬I love to tell stories in drawings and create cute monsters.‭ My drawings and characters‭ ‬are‭ ‬a bit freaky and hooligan,‭ ‬but‭ ‬I believe they are kind.‭


I enjoy working with traditional and digital media.‭ ‬I focus on the children's books illustrations, create my own books and illustrate stories written by other authors.‭ ‬And I am really in love with it‭!

I have been working with a variety of publishing houses,‭ ‬media projects and non-commercial initiatives since‭ ‬2009. ‬To name a few, I made comics and illustrations for the 34 multimedia magazine and the Green Network ecological organization, created book covers and illustrations for the Oxford University Press Spain, Vremya, RTP publishing houses,  I also have been responsible for brand design for the Coffret of Children Books children store.

I have‭ ‬authored and illustrated two books, “A Giraffe's Day” and “A Giraffe's Birthday”. They were published at the Saint-Petersburg-based Rech publishing house.


In my creativity‭ ‬I was influenced by Tove Jansson with her Moomin's world and amazing characters of Hayao Miyazaki.‭ ‬I'm a big fan of Harry Potter universe‭ ‬and find a lot of inspiration in

it.‭ Also‭ ‬I look for creative ideas in good animation,‭ ‬beautiful books

and wonderful people around.

I am always looking for interesting projects and amazing books

to illustrate. If you have some interesting proposals, please contact me.


 You can also find me here: